Ready for a trip that will inspire, delight and reconnect your group to play and adventure? Sit back, relax, and let us design an experience that has something for everyone.

Our custom trips are available in four categories: corporate retreats, school trips, dance exchanges, and private excursions.

We use our team of trusted partners and seasoned leaders for these custom trips, so you know you’ll have a fantastic experience.

School Trips

Are you a teacher or administrator who wants to create a life-changing and  educational trip for your students? At Dance Adventures, we use cutting-edge experiential education methodology to promote cross-cultural exchange, language immersion, and youth leadership development.

Our custom-designed curriculum has students learn through hands-on experience. They will immerse in local community organizations, teach and take classes at dance studios, test their teamwork in nature and build cross-cultural friendships on the dance floor!

With more than fifteen years leading experiential education programs for youth, our team at Dance Adventures specializes in team-building, youth-centered trip design, and creating safe and deeply enriching experiences abroad. As the only global organization running dance adventures for youth, our unique approach has students walk away with a culturally rich experience and a deep understanding of social, cultural, and economic realities of the communities they visit.

Students have the chance to learn new dance styles, share their own talents through teaching and performance, and build relationships across cultural and language divides. They can access their own unique creativity and voice through improvisation and choreography, give back through community projects, or co-create socially engaged art with their local teen counterparts.

Students and teachers return home invigorated, ready to step into their power as leaders, and dancing through life!

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