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Through Dance

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Who we are

We are a team of travelers and dancers with a mission to bring more joy, creativity, play, freedom and connection to people’s lives through dance trips abroad. Each of us has our own amazing stories from dance adventures in various countries, and we are thrilled to share our knowledge with our travelers. Read more about us here.

What we do

We run dance trips around the world for people of all dance levels. On our trips, dance adventurers leave their day-to-day behind and immerse themselves in the artistic soul of a new community. They create new friendships, see a culture like never before, and reconnect to their creativity and sense of wonder. Are you ready to play, shake up your routine, and leave that comfort zone behind? Join us on an upcoming Dance Adventure or let us design a trip for your organization! Dance Adventures are beginner friendly and include dance classes, attending music and dance performances, nights out with the locals and more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The Dance Adventure in Brazil was an absolute blast. Dancing was the best way to meet local people and experience Brazilian culture. On the trip, we had direct access to some of the best instructors and dance events that the average tourist would have missed. Thanks to our guides, we had amazing experiences, including taking part in a 2,000+ person hip hop party in a lesser-known corner of Rio!

Chelsea Rae Dvorchak

When I signed up for my Dance Adventure, I boarded the express train to Funsville! The leaders created a dynamic that felt safe, exciting, and allowed me to go outside my comfort zone. Never before have I felt like part of a family in such a short amount of time. Even as a novice dancer, I felt at ease thanks to all the time and individual attention I received from the instructors. Plus, the instructors were amazing! One even created a new Brazilian dance style that is danced around the world! I can’t recommend Dance Adventures enough. I have many great memories from my trip: amazing hiking, dancing with some of the biggest names in the industry, and having a dance party in our hotel room during a downpour!

Nathan Disidore

Dance Adventures showed me a whole other world of fun. From the moment we met up, the group chemistry was facilitated superbly by our leaders who encouraged us to try new foods and dances every day. We saw so many beautiful sights both in Rio and on our island sojourn. They had it all covered! I would go back to Brazil or on any other Dance Adventure!

Jake Javitch