Mission, Vision + Values

Mission + Vision

Play is a human right. Come play with us.

At Dance Adventures, our mission is to reconnect travelers with play, adventure, self-expression, and community–the four pillars of a healthy, joyful, and wildly successful life.   

We envision a world where play, self-expression, adventure, and community are the norm–not the exception. In this world, Dance Adventures is an industry leader, creating transformative experiences that inspire hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. We have dozens of adventures around the world that connect and inspire our travelers and build bridges across cultural divides. Dance Adventures empowers a global community of artists and innovators who live their dreams long after their vacation is over. Our travelers and partner communities dance through life, sharing their wins with the Dance Adventures family, and living the fully expressed, authentic, and most impactful versions of themselves. In this world, anything is possible. This is the world we want to live in. Come join us!

Our Values

Dance Adventures was formed on the foundation of eight key values:

  1. Integrity in thoughts, words, and actions
  2. Authenticity always
  3. Create impeccable experiences
  4. Relationships first
  5. Act with Courage
  6. Create Win-Wins
  7. Honor play
  8. Create from joy