Ready for a trip that will inspire, delight and reconnect your group to play and adventure? Sit back, relax, and let us design an experience that has something for everyone.

Our custom trips are available in four categories: corporate retreats, school trips, dance exchanges, and private excursions.

We use our team of trusted partners and seasoned leaders for these custom trips, so you know you’ll have a fantastic experience.

Dance Exchanges

Do you and your company dream of sharing your talents abroad while learning from the top dancers and choreographers across the globe?

We partner with dance studios, instructors, and arts organizations to design life-changing artistic exchanges around the world.

During a dance exchange, you teach the style of dance you specialize in while training in local dance styles from some of the country’s top dance professionals.

This experience is ideal for fostering cross-cultural connection because it leverages play, a shared passion for movement, and a mutual sharing of expertise. You will generate friendships quickly — even when you don’t speak the same language.  You’ll leave with an international dance family, and may just find yourself visiting every year! You’ll bring home new techniques, innovative teaching models, and new music and dance styles that will spice up your teaching and your life.

Examples of dance exchanges are:

    • A bachata performance team travels from their home in Miami to the Dominican Republic to learn about the roots of the dance they love and choreograph with local experts. The performance team learns fancy footwork from the urban bachata style, while sharing their sensual bachata techniques. Dancers fuse their styles and play on the dance floor every night at festivals, concerts, private parties and corner stores where salsa and bachata are danced in the street. On the last night, the team performs their signature piece while being cheered on by their new choreographer friends.
    • A group of hip hop dancers from New York teach at a studio in Brazil, while taking classes in Samba Funkeado and Fragmentado, from the renowned creator of these samba-hip-hop-funk fusion dances.  Dancers accompany dance legend Jimmy de Oliveira and his team to Baile Charme, the neighborhood street party where Jimmy was inspired to create Funkeado, and get to jump into flash-mob like choreography and street dance battles.
    • Teachers and choreographers from a studio in Los Angeles showcase their talent in Argentina, performing their favorite pieces in belly dance, flamenco and other dance styles. In exchange, Argentine tangueros immerse these travelers in the world of tango. The training in improvisation, partner connection and footwork inspires new ideas for future choreographies. The trip ends with a visit to a world-famous Estancia where Antonio Banderas filmed Imagining Argentina. There, the group tries Gaucho Folk Dance, visits a famous horse whisperer, and enjoys delectable Argentine barbecue.
    • Members of a dance company from Montreal take a break from the winter to share their love of ballet and modern with a group of dancers in Brazil. The Brazilian dancers, in turn, train them in samba no pé — the dance made popular by Carnaval. Company members have the chance to learn Carnaval choreography and rehearse with a top samba school in preparation for the big parade in Rio’s world-famous Sambodromo.

Do you have ideas about your next dance exchange? We would love to hear them!

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