The Dance Adventures Difference

Our Mission, Vision and Values:
At Dance Adventures, our mission is to reconnect travelers with play, adventure, self-expression, and community–the four pillars of a healthy, joyful, and wildly successful life. To read more, click here.

Supportive Group Dynamics: Any time you travel, you have opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. This can be exciting, and it can also be daunting! We are committed to supporting you as you try new things, meet new people, and make new friends — both with your  group and with the locals.

Expert Dance Instructors: We only hire local instructors who specialize in the dances native to each country. These instructors know their art forms inside and out and are excited to share their knowledge with you.

Hand-crafted itineraries: Our itineraries are based on our personal experience and work with on-the-ground experts. We put thought into every hour of your day and always incorporate time for relaxation so you can check out that cool bar you passed, hang out with the locals, or have a coffee with a new friend.

Focus on Education: Our trips are about more than learning new moves — they are about understanding the cultural context for incredible art forms! On a Dance Adventure, you may hear about the history of a dance, visit the neighborhood where a dance was born, or discuss the newest trends in dancing over drinks with a country’s top  choreographer.

Experienced Trip Leaders: This isn’t our trip leaders’ first rodeo. All of our leaders have on-the-ground experience in the locations we visit and many have lived like locals in our destinations for years.  We set the bar high for our trip leaders to ensure you have an impeccable experience and get to focus on having fun, learning, and adventure–we take care of the rest.

Accessible To Everyone: Whether you are an advanced dancer or total novice, we make sure you have a great time. Our teachers and staff will work with you to make sure you are engaged in every activity in a way that works for you.

Authentic experiences: Our guides know the best concert venues, dance halls, events, and experiences that give you a chance to hang with the locals. Our teachers and fellow dancers often join us on nights out, and invite us to parties and events in their communities.

Quality Accommodations: We lodge in three- and four-star hotels that are in safe neighborhoods, close to great dining options and provide easy accessibility to local sites.

Small Groups: By keeping our group size between 8 and 20 travelers, we ensure you have personal and intimate interactions with the culture and the people on each trip.

Focus on Safety and Security: Your welcome packet includes health and safety information and you will receive a thorough orientation upon arrival. Before and during your stay, our team monitors weather conditions, the political situation, and other important factors.